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3 easy hairstyles for women over 40

I have been sharing hairstyles on my social media pages for quite some time now, so I thought it was high time I shared my favourites here on the blog. Here are 3 easy hairstyles for women over 40.

1.  Easy cheat braid for beginners

This cheat braid is my number one out of the 3 easy hairstyles for women over 40.  It is a great hairstyle for any occasion and is so easy, yet it looks effective.  I’ve done mine quite chunky, but you can make it smaller and throw it back any way you like. It’s best done on hair that’s not been washed for a few days, or use texture spray to give some grip.

2.  Add colour with a headscarf

A fun way to add some colour to an outfit is to add a headscarf.  I prefer a headscarf to a headband personally, but headbands are wonderful too.  Find a headscarf in cotton, not satin, or any material that’s not slippery.  Add bobby bins to the back of the scarf and cover it with your hair for effortless chic.  I have headscarves in all my best colours and I love them!

3.  Sleek bun with accessory

This hairstyle is perfect for days when you want to look ‘put together’ but are feeling anything but. I part my hair down the centre and spray it down with hairspray and add a cute accessory to finish off the style.

Trying new ways to style our hair helps keep us looking and feeling our best. I have many hairstyles to share on the blog as I build on content here on the site.  Before you go, do consider joining the newsletter here and you will be automatically added to the waiting list for a free Fast Track To Fabulous Starter Guide as soon as it becomes available.  This way you can stay in the loop with all things self-care and beauty for the over 40s.

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  • I help women with grey hair thrive with beauty and lifestyle tips that inspire self care and confidence.

  • Wife, mum of 3, author, hair and make-up artist and lifestyle mentor for women who choose to embrace their grey hair.

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